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Advanced Analytics is a statistical consulting firm committed to providing the full suite of sophisticated statistical modeling and consulting services to answer your business and marketing needs.

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  • Segmentation
  • Conjoint Analysis / Discrete Choice
  • Discriminant Analysis
  • Principal components and Factor Analysis
  • Survey Design for Complex studies/ Experimental Design
  • Time Series Forecasting using Econometric Modeling Techniques
  • Regression Modeling (Multiple/Logistic)
  • Correspondence Analysis/Perceptual Mapping
  • Survival analysis

We can work in conjunction with your statistician / methodologist

If you are a large firm or a government agency and do have access to an in-house statistician / methodologist,then Advanced Analytics can work in conjunction with the in-house statistician to exhaustively conduct data mining analysis to extrapolate factors that could boost sales or increase customer retention or study other complex relationships between variables.

Get a statistician for specific tasks

In certain cases in larger organizations, an in-house statistician handles a lot of projects and may not have the time to look at the research manager’s specific problem or the research manager may have a rapid turn-around project. In such cases, Advanced Analytics can provide its analytical and consulting services to provide a viable solution to the business problem.

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We give you everything a full-time statistician would provide

If you are a small to medium sized firm and do not have a statistician / methodologist in-house to conduct multivariate statistical analysis on existing data or need to design an experiment to find a solution to a business problem, then Advanced Analytics will provide you with the whole range of services of an in-house statistician.

Easy to Understand Reports

Besides our range of market analytical and statistical services, we pride ourselves on providing succinct reports with conclusive findings that can be easily understood even by audiences who do not have a statistical background.

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